Limits Begin Where Vision Ends

About Me

Inquisitive young professional looking to continuously expand her horizons and take advantage of every opportunity to learn. This blog is dedicated to the thoughts, opinions, and questions I develop and come across as I navigate  the business world. I will also feature my posts and publications from across the web here as a resource.

For those curious about me on a personal level, here are a couple key facts:

1) I am an eternal optimist, glass half full type of person. If you can’t find the silver lining the bad days will start to outnumber the good ones.

2) Anything that is worth it is never easy. This is something I am not only a believer in, but also well acquainted with. I think this has made a stronger person and made me appreciate every success.

3) I am a graduate of the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University. I received my Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am currently pursuing my MBA at Wayne State University. Follow my adventure at A Mid 20s Night’s Dream.

4) I hate coffee. I realize that as someone who made it through 12 years of 5am swim practices and college finals this makes me odd, but it probably won’t change.

5) Finally, I am a loyal Michigander and a die-hard Red Wings fan. This remains true no matter where I live and for how long.


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