Social media is a great way to build your brand and engage your audience, but managing your social media can be a major pain if you do not have a dedicated social media manager. Not only do you have to regularly produce quality content, you need to decide when to post and then remember to post! It helps to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep you on schedule. These are a few of my favorite tricks for efficiently running a social media presence:

  1. Hashtag Groups for Instagram Posts –
    Instagram Hashtag Groups
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    You know that adding relevant hashtags to your post can help discovery, but repeatedly adding 10-15 hashtags to posts can be tedious and time consuming. Instead, open a note on your phone and type your most common hashtags. Save the note and next time you go to post, copy the hashtags from the note into Instagram. Add additional hashtags as needed. If you use different groups of hashtags depending on the post type, save multiple lists and save them with descriptive titles. This method means you’ll spend less time on each post and have less of a chance of forgetting to add a particular hashtag. Voila!

  2. Schedule Posts – Remembering to post at certain times can become hectic on busy days. Scheduling posts takes some of that stress away. Platforms like Facebook and WordPress allow you to natively schedule posts while a tool like Tweetdeck is a great free option for managing Twitter. If you are posting across platforms, a management tool will allow you to plan and schedule posts for each of your networks. Many tools have free or lower cost licenses for small businesses or individuals. For networks that do not allow third party posting (Instagram), tools such as Buffer allow you to set reminders to post at a given time. Don’t want to use a third party tool? This strategy also works with setting appointments in your calendar to post.
  3. Reuse Content – Work smarter, not harder. Ideally you will always have a constant stream of wonderful content, but sometimes it pays to to dig into the archive. Week too packed to edit that image? Look to an order post that performed well and take advantage of weekly trends such as Throwback Thursday. Maybe there is an older piece of content that you would like to drive more traffic to such as a blog post or offer; don’t be afraid to bring it back.

What other tricks do you use to manage your social media presence?