Whether you are using it as a marketing tool for a brand or sending goofy pictures to friends, Snapchat is a powerful tools with plenty of features to facilitate creativity. But how do you find all those great options? What about the features you’ve seen but don’t know how to use? Here we look at 6 secrets of Snapchat to up your snapping game.


Add multiple filters to snaps

You know that you can enhance your snap with lens filters, but did you know that you could add multiple filters to the same image? Change the tint of your image and add that awesome location filter? To add multiple filters, simply add the first as you normally would. To add an additional filter, hold the screen with one finger while scrolling to the second filter you would like to add. If you want to add a third filter, simply lift your finger for a moment and then replace before swiping right again to add the third filter. To remove all filters, remove your finger and swipe to the left or right, restoring the image to its original state.

Make emoji sticky on videos

Little known is the ability to make emoji dynamic on a Snapchat video. Want to add an emoji face to your friend while they dance? No problem. Once you take the video, open the emoji selector and choose your emoji. Press and hold the emoji and place it where you would like it to stick. Pressing the emoji again will unstick it from its location so resizing the emoji before making it sticky may be easier. If you do need to resize it after making it sticky, simply repeat the press and hold process once you have resized.
Change Text Size and Color 

You know that you can add text to a snap, but did you know that you can change the size and color? Tap the T icon in the upper right corner to bring up a text bar. You can either type your text in the text bar and then tap to resize or tap the T icon again to change the text size and positioning before typing. To make your text larger or smaller, pinch and zoom the text to your desired size. You can also press and hold on the text to drag to a new position. Selecting the text without the text bar also allows you to change the color of your text using the color scale in the upper right of the screen. To individually color words or letters, simply highlight each and select choose your color from the color scale.

Face Lenses

One of Snapchat’s more engaging features, Face Lenses transform you into a dog, a panda, or even let you swap faces with a friend. To start, flip your camera to selfie mode and frame your face in the screen (if you are doing face swap both faces need to be in the frame. Press and hold on the center of your face to activate the face filter option bar. Select your filter by tapping or scrolling your choice into the capture button. Interactive filters will provide instructions to activate features such as open your mouth or raise your eyebrows. To capture these bonus features, be sure to press and hold the capture button to start a video before you activate the filter.

Upload an image from outside Snapchat

Captured an image on your regular camera and want to share it as a snap? This feature is not available for My Story but by navigating to chat with friends you can choose to upload an image from your device. To start, choose a friend who you would like to send the snap to and open a chat with them. Select the landscape icon on the far left of the chat box options to bring up your image library. From here, you can either proceed with sending the image as is to the originally selected friend or choose edit to add Snapchat enhancements to the image and select additional friends to share it with. Images uploaded can not bee zoomed in or out and may be cropped during the upload process. Once you have finalized your image, add additional friends by tapping the send bar at the bottom or send by tapping the arrow at the right of the bottom bar.


Chat directly from snap

If you want to respond to a snap or a friend’s story with a chat, you can do so without navigating to the chat screen. Simply swipe up on your friend’s snap or story while it is playing to start a chat with them.


Now it’s time to get snapping. What’s your favorite Snapchat feature?

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This post originally appeared on BranchCreativeNetwork.com