Burberry is cementing their place as the luxury leader in digital.

There is no doubt that many major brands have become eager to leverage the power of SnapChat in the last few months. With its actively engaged audience, variety of content options, and full screen viewing, the platform has a lot to offer. However, luxury brands have been conservative in their adoption of digital tools, including SnapChat, realizing that maintaining the integrity of their brand identity is paramount when creating content. With their 24 hour sponsorship of SnapChat Discover, Burberry created an immersive experience with the Mr. Burberry brand that was both true to Burberry’s heritage and on point with digital trends. Viewers were treated to tips on being a modern man such as choosing a quality suit, wearing fragrance, and sophisticated grooming as well as behind the scenes of creating Mr. Burberry. Viewers were also given the opportunity to save and Mr. Burberry bottlecustomize a digital bottle of Mr. Burberry within the channel. The look and feel of the content was consistent with Mr. Burberry promotional content deployed on social media without being overly branded. Burberry’s efforts “bring consumers in close” via digital channels have produced several innovative campaigns that have not only placed the brand at the top of the L2 Index Report, but have consistently delivered value added experiences for their customers. Their foray into sponsored SnapChat content is a continuation of that trend. Even in their cross platform promotion of the 24 hour channel, Burberry provided a consistent experience, with images and look ins taken from the SnapChat content. Fans of the brand on Instagram and Twitter were encouraged to explore the SnapChat channel via live links while in store shoppers were invited to scan SnapChat codes located near the Mr. Burberry products. The brand has also created opportunities for continued engagement and exploration of the content with codes placed on bottles of Mr. Burberry that can be scanned with a smartphone.

As consumers continue to increase their time spent on digital platforms their desire to connect with brands via these channels will also increase. The brands that will be most successful will be those that are able to serve the digital demands of consumers while effectively communicating their brand’s personality and unique promise. In the luxury segment, preservation of a brand’s status and feel in digital form may be more difficult, but as Burberry has demonstrated, it is far from impossible.


This post originally appeared on www.BranchCreativeNetwork.com