Selfies-Crowd Sourced Marketing?

The selfie: The form of photography through which every instagrammer, tweeter, and Facebook user can convey their sense of fun, flirty, moody, or pensive thoughts in single shot with a hash tagged caption. Love them, hate them, or scroll past them,when logging into a given social media platform they are a consistent sight. With companies and brands constantly trying to optimize and monetize social media, does it make sense to turn the selfie into a marketing tool? Rodeo Sponsorship Strategies asked this question and in their answer highlighted the point that I think is most important for a company to ask before starting any strategy, especially social media: Why? In our ever connected world of instant gratification the first instinct is to jump on board with the newest trend, tweeting, posting, and blogging to capture the attention of the target audience. While utilizing the newest and greatest tools may seem like a great plan, it does not guarantee results. Using the selfie as a campaign to engage consumers could be a monumental success for a brand or company that has a strategic reason behind the campaign and executes it in a way that connects back to the brand image and message. However, if the campaign is designed only to keep up with the trend, the selfie is best saved for the consumer and their mirror.